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Refuse Collection

The garbage collection is done by compression vehicles of the Municipality during the morning hours in residential areas twice a week and in commercial and tourist points from two to five times a week depending on the type of business.
Refuse/bins disposal methods
Refuse must be placed in suitable masonry bins or suitable plastic bins that can be hermetically closed and which must be transported in the courtyard after the collection. It is emphasized that in both cases refuse must be placed first in well tied plastic bags.
It is Prohibited:
- To leave the bags that contain refuse outside the plastic bins or masonry bins and on pavements and other open spaces.
- The bins of any kind to remain permanently on sidewalks and in other places outside the courtyard of the owner.
It is recommended that the residents take their refuse late in the evening before the day of collection.
Apartment blocks / hotels / restaurants
Refuse must be placed in large wheeled bins of 1100 liter, which must be kept in the yard of the premises. The purchase, maintenance and washing of bins are the sole responsibility of the owners / tenants of the premises. In some premises it is recommended to purchase special garbage compactor. It is clarified that the refuse collection includes only household refuse. You should not put garden waste, large items, wood, stone, iron, dirt, etc. Pegeia Municipality has arranged a circulating crew for oversized garbage collection.

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