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Neighborhood Watch

Observer of the neighborhood

Together for a safer Peyia municipality

The Municipality in the framework  reactivation of the institution of “observer of the neighborhood “invites all residents as join this institution by completing the relevant form available on the website of the Municipality or to the Municipality’s facebook and sending this  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to Mr George Champalis office   at the Town hall.

The institution of the observer of the neighborhood is a modern strategy of crime prevention which applies to the cooperation of the police, the authorities of local government and citizens.  The goal of the institution is the awareness of citizens and their active participation in crime prevention by aiming crime reduction, to increase safety in the neighborhoods of municipalities and more generally to improve the quality of life.

In the context of the institution the Police would like:

  • Inform you of the crimes taking place in your area and that may affect you in any way.
  • Advice regarding technical crime prevention as:
  1. How to make your house and property less attractive to burglars.
  2. How to be alert to suspicious and criminal activity.
  • Advice not to endanger your life and you should leave the responsibility for pursuit and arrest of the criminal to the police.
  • Encourage to observe and inform the police of unusual, suspicious and criminal activities in regions where you habit, work and move.

The role of the neighborhood observer.

You “the observers of the neighborhood”, are the eyes and the ears of the police that is impossible to be everywhere all the time.  Therefore you are urged to be vigilant and ready to act in the role you have taken.

Collaborate with your neighbor, with other fellow citizens, with the police for your own safety the safety of your family and of your property and the area you live and work.

The role of coordinator of the observers of the neighborhood.

The coordinator is the link between the police and the observers of the neighborhood and has, among others, the following responsibilities:

  • Organizing meetings of the observers of the neighborhood.
  • Frequent contact with the police in the neighborhood.
  • Promoting empowerment Program action.
  • Attract new observers of the neighborhood.

How to contact the Police.

If you suspect that a crime is committed, you see or hear anything suspicious, call 199.  Even if you have done wrong assessment, what matters is to inform the police.

In non-emergency situations, please contact your local police station or the citizen’s line in 1460 or the police of the neighborhood at the following numbers:26806350, 26806360.

What information the police need.

Description of a suspect vehicle:

  • Kind of vehicle
  • Brand
  • Color
  • Registration number
  • Other details, some damage e.t.c.
  • Destination, e.t.c.

Description of a suspected person:

  • Male-female
  • Shape and facial characteristics
  • Skin color
  • Scars, tattoos
  • Height and build
  • Shape and color of the eyes
  • Clothing
  • Nationality
  • Language

For more information you can apply to Pegeia’s Municipality offices  to Mr George Champalis tel. 26622113,99466808 and to the policeman of the neighborhood Mr Spyros Pentaras tel.26806350,26806360.

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