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Interesting Sites

There are quite remarkable and interesting places to visit in the area of Pegeia. Indeed, a lot of effort is done to protect and creatively exploit the creative tourist environment of Pegeia.


In Pegeia there are two parks, the Bird Park and Reptile Park. The Bird Park can be described as a small zoo because apart from birds hosts and other animal as gazelles, giraffes, iguanas, etc. In this there is an amphitheater for 350 people where seminars took place, informational documentaries are displayed and parrot shows are held. The Park attracts the attention not only of local people from all over Cyprus but foreign as well as it is the only one of its kind. On the other hand, the Reptile Park gives us the unique opportunity to learn about the reptiles of Cyprus without any danger.

Municipal Park Paliomonastiro

The Municipal Park Paliomonastiro is located near Agia Paraskevi area and has enhances the tourism environment. The Park is offered for recreational and leisure for children and adults, for quiet moments in nature.
Among other things, includes reception hall, walkways, ponds, playground and a cafe - restaurant. In particular, the Botanic Park cultivated species that thrive in the region, such as olives, carob trees , herbs and spices. 

Pikni Picnic area

The creation of the picnic area in the forest of Pikni is a valuable energy. The picnic area was created in 2005 under the supervision of the National Forestry Department. Among other things includes barbeques to grill the traditional souvla, wooden benches and tables, playground, restrooms and parking. No doubt, the visitor can enjoy a meal under the shade of pine trees and surrounded by vegetation of the forest the juniper, the terebinths, the schinias, and other bushes that surround the forest.

European Path E4

Moreover, Pegeia has been included in the program for the development of tourism touring. The European Path E4 crosses among other areas the Pikni forest and the famous Avakas Gorge. Specifically in Avakas Gorge have been placed information signs that provide information for the names of various plants, trees and shrubs.

Akamas Peninsula

Pegeia is located near the Akamas peninsula. Akamas is a unique region with a noteworthy range of vegetation, wildlife and geology sights, and with beautiful seashores. Several sightseers visit Akamas solely to see the two rare and protected types of turtle; the Green Turtle and the Caretta Caretta Turtle, which are born and reproduce on the Akamas beaches.

Cycle lane

In Pegeia there is a cycle route linking the area of Coral Bay to St. George along St. George Avenue. Fans of the sport and the travelers have the opportunity to enjoy the ride in the beauty of the green landscape.

Avaka's Gorge

The Forest of Pegeia lies to the northwest, spanning 1353 hectares and enclosing the Avakas Gorge, packed with rich flora and fauna. The river Avgas or Avakas gave its name to the striking gorge, which is ideal for hiking in. at some points, the gorge narrows considerably, to around 3 metres across, appreciably diminishing the light and darkening the landscape. Signs display information for visitors regarding the names of plants, trees and bushes.

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