#Sea Caves

The sandy and rocky beaches hold a special place in the heart of the visitor to Pegeia. The caves have a unique beauty, created by marine erosion, and  seals are resting and procreating occasionally. Pegeia’s sea caves with the unique sculpted rocks, formed in thousands of years by earth and sea, are a unique marvel of natural beauty, impressing all visitors.

Step by step, the visitor can investigate the entire Sea Caves region, with its rock aisles, its coastal formations and caves, as well as look upon the water element. The corrosive activity of the sea has managed to penetrate and ‘eat through’ the rocks in time, and create an important natural mosaic.

The landscape is of unique beauty, geological and biological interest, while high, rocky beaches have been formed at some points of the bay, sometimes reaching a height of 20 meters.

The dispersed islets make the visitor’s gaze wander between the land, the rock and the sea…