#Vrisi ton Peyiotisson

You can visit the Vrisi ton Peyiotisson and sing its song… At the beautiful paved square of our village lie the picturesque and often-sung “Fountains of Pegeia“ (Vrises tis Peyeias?). The core around which the village developed is the church and the ‘Vrisi tis Peyeias’. Around it, there is ample space for various events. The cafes and traditional taverns are next to it.

The Fountain was built in 1908, apparently at the exact spot of an older Fountain, by contractor Achilleas Konstantinou. At the time it had an important function, as is was the main source of the community’s drinkable water until 1956. Today, this Fountain is a relic of its days of yore …

It is a pretty fountain with arches and a large water cistern, which could collect a large quantity of water coming out of the rock. The region is unique, with its tall poplars, cypresses, pines and a few lemon trees. The Fountain is known all over Cyprus through an old traditional song “The Vrisi ton Peyiotisson is filled with arches and all the pretty women from Pegeia come near it”.