Collecting garbage takes place with compressing-type vehicles of the Municipality during morning hours, at residential areas, twice a week and at commercial and tourist complexes from two to five times a week, according to the business type.

Way of leaving garbage in receptacles


Garbage must be placed at appropriate built depositories or plastic receptacles closing firmly and transferred to the courtyard after their collection.

It is stressed that in both cases, garbage must be first placed in well closed plastic bags.

It is forbidden

– To place garbage bags outside the bins.

– Any kind of garbage receptacles must not remain permanently on sidewalks and other areas except from the owner’s yard.

It is recommended that citizens should take out their garbage the evening before collection day.

Apartment buildings / hotels / restaurants

Garbage must be placed in large wheel garbage receptacles able to hold 1100 liters and they must be kept at the yard of the premises. The purchase, maintenance and washing of these receptacles is the exclusive responsibility of the premises’ owners/tenants. In some premises it is recommended to buy a special garbage compressor.

It is defined that this collection includes only household garbage. One must not place garden garbage, large objects, wood, rock, iron, earth, etc.

The Municipality of Pegeia has organized a service for the collection of large-dimensions garbage.