Within the context of its reactivating the institution of the Neighborhood Watch, the Municipality of Pegeia is calling all its citizens to enter that effort by filling in the relevant form at the Municipality website or Facebook page and by sending it either to the email address or to the fax number 26621571 or to the office of Mr. Giorgos Chambalis at the Town Hall.

The institution of the Neighborhood Watch is a modern strategy for Crime Prevention applied with the collaboration of the Police, the local administration authorities and residents. It aims to sensitize the civilians and to implicate them actively in crime prevention, aiming to prevent crime, increasing safety in the municipality neighborhoods and generally improving the quality of living.

Within the context of implementing this Institution, the Police:

  • Informs you of the crimes taking place in your area or the crimes that can influence you in any way.
  • Advises you on crime prevention techniques, such as:
  1. How to make your houses and property less attractive to criminals.
  2. How to be alert for suspicious/criminal activities.
  • It advises you not to risk your life and leave the responsibility for pursuit and arrest with whom it belongs, meaning the Police.
  • It urges you to notice and to inform the Police on any unusual/suspicious/criminal activities in the area where you live/work/move.

The role of the Neighborhood Watcher

You, the Neighborhood Watchers are the eyes and ears of the Police, for whom it is impossible to be everywhere at all  times. You are therefore urged to be alert and act within the role that you have undertaken.

Cooperate with your neighbors, with your co-citizens and the Police for your own safety, for the safety of your family and property, as well as for the area where you live and work.

The role of the Coordinator of the Neighborhood Watchers

The Coordinator is the liaison between the Police and the neighborhood watchers and he has the following responsibilities, among others:

– Organizing meetings within the context of the Neighborhood Watch program
– Coming in frequent contact with the Neighborhood Police/Police Officer
– Promoting empowering activities for the Program
– Attracting new Neighborhood Watchers

How to communicate with the Police

If you have the impression that a crime is being committed or if you see or hear anything suspicious, call 199. Even if you have the wrong impression, it is important to notify the Police.

For non emergency cases, you can contact the police station or the Citizen Line at 1460 or the Neighborhood Police at tel. numbers 26806350 and 26806360.

What information is needed by the Police

Describing a suspicious vehicle:

– Car/ truck/ bus etc.
– Model
– Color
– Licence plate number
– Other details, any damage, etc.
– Direction, etc.

Describing a suspicious individual:

– Male / female
– Facial shape and features
– Skin color
– Marks, scars, tattoos, etc.
– Height and build
– Eye shape and color
– Age
– Hair color, size and type
– Clothes: colors, etc.
– Nationality
– Language, etc.

For more information you can call the offices of the Municipality of Pegeia and talk to Mr. Kostas Kokkonis at 99655903 and to the Neighborhood Police Officer Mr. Spyros Pentaras at 26806350 and 26806360.

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