The Municipality of Pegeia has entered the packaging recycling program by Green Dot Cyprus. The efforts made by our Municipality as well as by Green Dot Cyprus to ensure the success of this program have been manifold. The results leave great margin for improvement, as in the previous year, our Municipality has collected many tons of packaging. On this occasion we would like to thank all those who participated in the program by sorting out their recyclable packaging.

We all know the reasons for recycling, and another very important reason will soon be added. In about three years the Sanitary Landfill of Marathouda will be upgraded to a garbage management center. Based on the experience from Larnaka – Famagusta, this will multiply the managing cost for garbage. The citizens of each Municipality and Community of the Prefecture of Paphos will be called to undertake that cost. The example of the prefecture of Larnaka and Famagusta is typical, where a garbage vehicle containing 10 tons of household waste pays about 800 Euros to dispose of them at the Kosii garbage management center, while the same truck pays 370 Euros today at Marathouda. It is therefore necessary that we all try to decrease as much as possible the garbage to these centers, as this will also benefit us financially, by decreasing the cost for garbage tax. Let us not forget that packaging is 30% of the total weight of our garbage and if we were to recycle it, our garbage would decrease by the same percentage. We are confident that we will benefit from your assistance in order to achieve even greater results.

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