Municipal Volunteer Council (MVC) of Pegeia

Multitasking Center for Children Services

The Municipality of Pegeia, in collaboration with the Welfare Office, and tracing the need to create Social Welfare Programs aiming to better service working parents, protecting children and rendering its services to the elderly, has established the Municipal Volunteer Council (MVC) of Pegeia. The MVC of Pegeia was established on 22/09/1999 with former Mayor Mr. Kappeziis as President, and local bodies and private volunteers as its members.

The most important targets of the MVC are pointing out social issues and creating the corresponding programs to deal with them. The research revealed the need to create a Center for the Protection and Occupation of Children for working families. The center opened its doors in October of 2000 and it offered care, protection, occupation and assistance to school-age children during afternoon hours.

Following the increased demand and the need to render services for children of all ages, the Municipality of Pegeia proceeded to building a Multitasking Center for Children Services. It was built and equipped following the standards of the Ministry of Employment and Social Services, and it has all necessary Suitability Certificates and it is staffed by perfectly trained personnel.

The  Multitasking Center for Children Services  operates on a weekly basis from 07:00 – 18:30, and it services children from 3 months to 12 years old.

The Multitasking center offers 2 programs according to the children’s ages.

Infants section ,
Toddler’s section  2-3 yrs
Toddler’s section  3-4 yrs

Child Protection & Activities Center
Children 5-12 yrs

The Multitasking Center for Children Services offers care, protection, healthy and creative activities, 3 healthy meals, help with homework, painting, gym, karate, computers and English courses. It also organizes theater performances and educational/recreational excursions.
The Multitasking Center of the Municipality of Pegeia enables parents and mostly mothers, to work knowing that their children are in a healthy and safe environment.