I would like to welcome you to the website of the Municipality of Pegeia, which aspires to become a means of information for our residents and give useful information on our Municipality, cultural activities, development projects, services and other helpful information. Citizens and state officials, will work together for the future of Pegeia and I am certain that will accomplish our goals, which are none other than improving our citizens’ quality of living, turning our Municipality in an educational and cultural center, while also ensuring a hopeful future for all our citizens.

Ensuring that we are on a balanced track towards our goals, which are people and the environment, will bring sustainability and the improvement of our citizens’ quality of life. Our goal is to create a modern city with active citizens who will build the foundation for a model city, through respecting each other as well as the state institutions.

A new era dawns for our Municipality. A time of change and optimism. With a positive mindset and without a trace of complacency, we begin our hard work for a better tomorrow.

Our goal is to place all issues, however big or small, on a course of resolution, through assertiveness, right research, the proper planning and constant monitoring. Only together can we create the necessary conditions and infrastructure in order for us to enjoy our Municipality’s achievements and progress.

Hoping you will enjoy our website!


Marinos Lambrou

Mayor of Pegeia


Marinos Lambrou was born at Paphos in 1978. He graduated from the High School of Agios Neofytos in 1996 and fulfilled his military service. He then studied at the California State University in the USA, acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He returned to Cyprus and worked for a few years in a private firm as a Civil Engineer. During these past years he has his own Civil Engineer practice at Pegeia. He is married to Stella Nikiforou and they have two children. He is active as President of the Pegeia Municipal Volunteer Council and he is also member of the Paphos Committee for Volunteering, the School Board of Pegeia, the School Board of Emba High School and College, the ETEK (Scientific and Technical Chamber of Cyprus), the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Association of Civil Engineers of Cyprus. He was elected Mayor of Pegeia in the Municipal Elections which took place on the 18th of December of 2016.


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