#The sunset of Ayios Georgios

The most enchanting sunset of Cyprus is that of Pegeia …. Its magic was also admired by Cleopatra, when she visited the area. The sunset is a show-stopper and offers unique moments to locals and tourists alike, linking them to the grandeur of nature. It eases the mind, it broadens the horizons of our imagination and it lets you leave with an unparalleled sense of calmness, awe and admiration.

One of the most beautiful sunsets that you can enjoy in Cyprus is undoubtedly the one at the bay of Agios Georgios at Pegeia. In one of the most picturesque regions of Paphos, the sunset becomes a journey into eternal light.

It is a unique experience for any visitor wishing to see the sun set in such harmony with the beauty of the place, with the blue sky and sea. This picture really looks like a painting, as the sunlight bursts in its setting into the horizon, creating a feast of colors which literally takes your breath away.

In front of such grandeur and beauty, one cannot but bow and praise Almighty God who «created everything in His wisdom » with such harmony, detail and beauty.