#The Avakas Gorge

The Avakas Gorge is natural monument of natural beauty, of unique geomorphological formation in hues of brown, pink and ochre. Just before turning towards the Gorge, there is a sign reading Lara. The road is downward and bumpy but it is worth it, in order to visit the gorge and witness its unique view.

Wild vegetation is everywhere, virgin plants, wild cypresses, laurels, oak trees and other kinds of flora. Many kinds of birds procreate on top of the gorge. Its height is around 200 meters, with its narrowest opening at two meters and the largest at eight. Its length is approximately three kilometers.

It is a gorge of huge ecological importance for its flora and fauna.

Small caves and holes on the sides of the gorge become refuge  to various kinds of animals, like foxes, vultures,  wild doves, wild pigeons, bats, pheasants and snakes, all of which capture the visitor’s eye.

 Crossing the gorge at wintertime is difficult due to the impetuous water running in its bed. Most travelers visit the Avakas gorge in the summer months, which is considered the best season for such an endeavor.