#The Chapels of Pegeia

The chapels of Pegeia are considered unique. In the wonderful natural surroundings of Pegeia and at a stone’s throw from the sea, they exude their divine presence.

Agia Matrona:  The small chapel of Agia Matrona lies at the Toxeftra region at Pegeia. The small chapel overlooking the great blue and Geronisos, was built from the initiative of people who had been aided by Agia Matrona, with the practical support of Bishop – Georgios of Paphos.

Agia Aikaterini: A small chapel in front of the church ”Isodia tis Theotokou”.

Agiovouni: Only some ruins remain standing today.

The Church of Prodromos: Only some ruins remain standing today.

Agia Varvara: A small place of reverence remains close to the ruins of the church.

Agios Georgios Nisiotis: It is an old church dating in the 13th and 14th century.

Agios Georgios: This is the new church which was inaugurated on the 4.10.1952 by Bishop Fotios of Paphos.

Prophet Elijah: This chapel lies 300 meters to the east of Panagia Zalakiotissa and it is a small place of veneration, measuring one square meter.

Agios Theodoros: Only some ruins remain standing today.

Agios Kalandionas: This church no longer stands today.

Agia Marina: This church lies between Kissonerga and Pegeia, exactly 200 m to the west of the military camp and to the east of the Mavrokolymbos dam.

Panagia Agridiotissa: Two churches, the new and the old church, lie at a distance of 200 meters to the east of Panagia Zalakiotissa.

Panagia Eisodion (Entrance to the temple): This is the central church of Pegeia, built in 1883 and inaugurated in 1885 by Bishop Neophytos of Paphos. A general restoration of the temple took place in 2001. This large church in our village is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it is a modern construction.

Panagia Zalakiotissa: Two miles to the south of the village of Pegeia, according to the literature from the History of the Church of Paphos, lies a chapel built at the spot of the old Monastery of Panagia Zalakiotissa, which is renowned for curing varicose veins. The Monastery operated until the beginning of the 19th century.

According to the description by the Russian monk and traveler Vasileios Barsky, who visited the monastery in 1835, the monastery has vanished. At the time very few of its constructions remained, only a couple of cells. Upon his arrival to Cyprus, the Russian monk recorded this church and chapel.

The church of Panagia Zalakiotissa is the 2nd larger chuch in Pegeia. However, nothing remains from the old monastery but the small chapel.

In fact, the Russian monk had mentioned that the name Zalakiotissa may be derived from that site. He also noted that it was a cool area, without waters or harsh soil.

Agia Paraskevi or Palaiomonastiro:  This church was inaugurated about five years ago.

Agios Petros:  Some ruins of this church still stand today. The chapel no longer exists.

Church of the Holy Cross: The church lies at Toxeftra, and it was inaugurated on the 18.6.2003 by Bishop Georgios of Arsinoe, who is now Bishop of Paphos.